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Ndyuka Maroons undermine rights of Amerindians

Dag der Inheemsen 09082007 Groningen1Amerindians and Maroon inhabitants of the village of  Bigi Ston have been arguing over their rights to the land.

Although Bigi Ston is originally an Amerindian settlement, the people share a historical bond with the Ndyuka Maroons, one that dates back 75 years. At the time, the Amerindian village council granted residential permission to a small group of Ndyuka who wanted to live near the village.

The relationship between the Amerindians and Maroons went sour after the civil war of the 1980’s. By then the Ndyuka descendants numbered close to seventy people and some of them attempted to legalize their right to the land through the government.

In February of this year Amerindians dignitaries traveled to Ndyuka chief Matodja Gazon at Drie Tabiki to request his assistance in the matter. In response, Matodja Gazon has summoned his people to respect the rights of the Amerindians and to honor the value of good fellowship.

Source: de Ware Tijd online


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