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Suriname to build new bridge across Tutu Creek

Paramaribo – The department for Regional Development of Suriname will  spend 80.000 Surinamese dollars to replace the 32 meters wooden bridge across the Tutu Creek, in Nieuw Aurora, with a brick one that will be 80 meters in length – the longest river crossing in the region.

The new bridge will also be equipped with a safety railing, a feature the current bridge does not have. The villagers of Nieuw Aurora will contribute in the construction of the bridge by delivering river sand and gravel.

dWT photo/  Isaak Poetisi
The eight year old wooden bridge across the Tutu Creek is wobbly and starting to fall apart.
The Tutu Creek is a side arm of the Suriname River.

The project is part of the government’s plan to improve overall infrastructure in the interior. Recently a second school opened in Nieuw Aurora, urging the need for better road ways.

Later this year the department for Regional Development will build another brick bridge at the village of Asidonhopo, near the residency of Saramaccan chief Belfon Aboikoni. The 14 meters long  crossing will connect the home of Aboikoni with the local guest building.

Source: de Ware Tijd online


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