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Wood crafting becoming less prevalent among Suriname Maroons

‘Suriname Maroon Tembe: A Means of Living’ is the title of a 25 page booklet by the Crabasi Foundation, an organization that conducts studies into the business of arts and crafts in Suriname.2777-52

Containing data from interviews with 54 men, predominantly of the Saramacca nation, the publication gives an overview of the current state of Maroon wood working.

Major conclusions are that the craftsmanship of traditional wood working is diminishing among the Maroons. Those who still practice the craft are currently at an average age of 42 years. Half of them can point to design motives by their traditional name; the other half cannot. All spend about 50 hours per week on wood crafting, which provides them with an average earning of SRD 600 (approx. US $ 220) per month. Most wood workers stress the importance of educating younger generations as a means to preserve the arts for the future.

2452-506The booklet is illustrated with photographs and contains all questionaires used in the research. Crabasi’s project was funded the Dutch Embassy in Suriname and the Prins Claus Fonds.
Source: de Ware Tijd Online


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