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Meriam Abe wins Ndyuka congeniality contest

Meriam Abe has won the 2009 edition of the Sa Okanisi Uma-contest, an event where Ndyuka girls are judged for their wit and likableness.

She competed against five other teenagers from the Cottica/Marowijne River region. Four of the participants hold residence in Suriname, while the other two  – including Meriam Abe – live in French Guiana.

dWT photo / Hugo den Boer
From left to right: Esmee van Cooten (runner up), Chennevieve Harderwijk, Esmiralda Anasai, Gracia Lokadie, Meriam Abe (winner) en Monique Pinas (3rd place).

The contest, held at the inland resort of Moiwana Kriki, proofed a tough call for the judges; the end result leaving some discontent with audience members.

Meriam Abe took away the grand prize, a fridge, while runner up Esmee Van Cooten went home with a television set and third place winner Monique Pinas was granted a cooking stove.

For a long time, Meriam Abe and Esmee van Cooten competed head to head. Abe scored more points, however, during the talent round – her star shone brightly as she performed a song, while Van Cooten’s poem recital  failed to charm the majority of the judges.

The contest featured multiple competitions, among others candidate interviews and a swimsuit show. Says Carmen Pinas, member of the organizing committee: ,,Although physical representation is part of the event, the swimsuit competition does not actually count. What counts instead, is inner beauty”.

Source: de Ware Tijd Online


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