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Maroon artist Marcel Pinas launches ambitious project in Marowijne

Sources: de ware Tijd Online and ReadyTex Art Gallery

Ndyuka Maroon artist Marcel Pinas is rapidly making a name for himself beyond the art scene.


He recently launched a project called  ‘Marowijne Art Park’ , which is designed to not only cultivate the creative talents of his fellow Maroons, but to also offer avenues for economic growth to Marowijne, the district where Pinas was born and raised.

Pinas firmly believes that his project will generate both cultural richness and socio-economic welfare to Marowijne. He envisions a chain reaction: art workshops and exhibitions will attract a national and international audience, which will boost tourism.

Arguing that ‘diversity is key’, Pinas wants to add theatre, dance and music to the mix. He is very happy to announce that the international jazz diva Denise Jannah has already agreed to her participating in his mission.

photo collection Marcel Pinas
Marcel Pinas poses with jazz diva Denise Jannah and gitarist Wolf Martini, who have agreed to contribute to the Marowijne Art Park.

The district of Marowijne has suffered much adversity since the civil war of the 1980’s. Crippled by economic paralysis, the region has sunken into a desolate state, with poverty and crime running rampant. Subsequent governments have done little to alter the situation.

Marcel Pinas was born in 1971 in the Ndyuka village of Pelgrimkondre in Marowijne, East-Suriname. He studied at the Nola Hatterman Art Institute in Suriname, the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica, and the Rijksacademie in the Netherlands.

Throughout his career, Pinas has been driven by the desire to preserve and protect the Maroon culture of Suriname. This motivation clearly comes through in his work, which is highly recognizable for its use of Ndyuka objects and symbols.

Marcel Pinas has won several national and international awards. He hopes his  success will inspire Maroon youth to strive to fulfill their own potential.

Click here for more information on Marcel Pinas (pdf, 3 pages, published by ReadyTexArtGallery)

photo collection Marcel Pinas
Marcel Pinas takes notes in Surabaja, Indonesia, where he spent time to study the Indonesian craft of wood working. His travels were sponsored by the Prins Claus Fonds and the Dutch Embassy in Suriname.


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