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Thiefs prey after dugout canoes in Upper Suriname

More often than before, inhabitants of the Upper Suriname district  are reporting thefts of dugout canoes and outboard engines.

dWT photo/ Isaak Poetisi
River travel in the Upper Suriname district.

One of the latest victims is Captain Klassie, dignitary of the village Pambokko. His vessel was taken from the shores of the village Jaw Jaw, where Klassie was visiting at the time. ,,I discovered it gone at 5 in the morning, as I planned to return home”, Klassie told police. His loss is valued at approximatelyUS $  3500.

Chances are slim that Klassie will ever see his property again . Once stolen, dugout canoes and outboard engines are seldom recovered in the Upper Suriname district, as the obscure Lake  Brokopondo throws many challenges at police search teams.

Source: Isaak Poetisi, de ware Tijd Online


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