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Expensive drinking water installation going to waste at Botopasi

Saramacca Maroons of the village of Botopasi in the Upper Suriname region have complained about having to retrieve drinking water from the river, despite the nearby presence of a high tech water purification installation.

dWT photo/Charles Chang
The water purification installation at Botopasi.

Their plead for repairs on the damaged installation comes during a fierce drought that has struck Suriname. Most of the 700 villagers have rainwater collectors attached to the side of village houses, but these collectors have now been emptied by the relentless sun.

The water purification system was first introduced in the late nineties, at a cost of roughly 100.000 euro. The machinery runs on sun batteries, purifying river water for domestic consumption.

In 2006, however, a great flood eroded the layers of earth that holds the tube network system, exposing  the tubes to the sun. Over time, the tubes cracked and the network was lost. Some repairs were done, but to no avail. The villagers never again enjoyed running water from their tabs.

In the meantime, several parts of the installation have gone missing, inlcuding the sun batteries.

Source: de Ware Tijd Online


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