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Brunswijk expects success in 2010 elections

Congressman Ronny Brunswijk of the political party ABOP (Party for Liberation and Development) is convinced that the A-Combination will win more parliamentary seats at the 2010 elections in Suriname.  Currently, Brunswijk’s seat is the only one the A-Combination has in parliament. The A-Combination is a political block consisting of three political Maroon parties, including Brunswijk’s ABOP.

dWTphoto/Fenny Zandgrond
The delegation of the department for Regional Development and senator Ronny Brunswijk arrive in the village of Malobi.

Brunswijk reckons that ‘most Maroons’ are disappointed in the leading parties of NDP (National Democratic Party) and NPS (National Party of Suriname) and will move away from these in favor of ABOP.

The former guerrilla leader said this during a visit to the Saramacca region of Upper Suriname, where he assisted the government department for Regional Development in taking note of the state of the development in the Saramacca living areas.

Among the welcoming crowds in the villages of Botopasi and Malobi were many men and women dressed in black and yellow, the ABOP’s political party colors. ,,It goes to show how big our support is here”, Brunswijk said.

Source: de Ware Tijd Online


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