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Brunswijk and his political party ABOP visit Matawai Maroons

Congressman Ronny Brunswijk of Suriname has visited the living area of the Matawai Maroons in Upper Saramacca region to convince voters to support him and his party ABOP (Algemene Bevrijdings en Ontwikkelings Partij, translated: Party for Liberation and Development) in the 2010 parliamentary elections. Brunswijk and ABOP have visited the Matawai area six times  since the previous elections in 2005.

photo/collection Abop
The official visit of ABOP in the
Upper Saramacca region, the residence of the Matawai Maroons, is preceded by a religious ceremony in  honor of  the forefathers.

In his speech, Brunswijk promised to bring prosperity to the 1.500 Matawai Maroons. Their villages are underdeveloped, the school building is collapsing after years of neglect, and many of the men and women need to leave their homes and travel to Paramaribo to find work. The only densely populated village is that of Nyun Jacobkondre, wich thrives on the local gold industry.

Demonstrating his benevolence, Brunswijk recently donated a rice peeling machine to the Matawai village of Boslanti.

During the previous elections in 2005, ABOP  won 4 percent of the Matawai votes, the majority going to the National Democratic Party (NDP) of former military leader Desi Bouterse, and New Front (NF) of current prime minister Ronald Venetiaan.

ABOP is partner in the A-Combination, a political block consisting of three political Maroon parties.

Source: de Ware Tijd Online


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