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Suriname Maroons desire October 10 to become a national holiday

Organizations of Surinamese Maroons have lodged a petition with the Surinamese government to declare October 10 a national holiday.

October 10 is the date when, in 1760, the first peace treaty was signed between the (colonial) government of Suriname and a Maroon nation (the Ndyuka – a treaty with the Saramaccan would follow in 1767).

BEP-politician Caprino Alendy

The Maroon organizations argue that a national holiday should be instated as a formal recognition to the historical significance of the Maroon battle against slavery. Some spokespersons, such as Maroon politician Caprino Alendy of the party BEP and secretary Sheila Landveld-Marengo of the organization Saamaka Soni, even state that the peace treaties of the 1760’s in fact resulted in the abolition of slavery in Suriname in 1863.

The secretary of National Affairs in Suriname, Maurits Hassankhan, says other ethnic groups have also petitioned for national holidays and that it will be difficult to please all groups. The Suriname calendar currently counts eleven national holidays.
Source: de Ware Tijd Online


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