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Maroon loyalty shifts from NPS to ABOP in Suriname

Political trends show that the NPS party of current president Ronald Venetiaan is losing followers among Maroons in districts such as Sipaliwini, Marowijne and Brokopondo.

Congressman Walther Bonjaski, who has just left the NPS to join ABOP, says it is because NPS has failed to fulfill promises it made during election times.

Congressmen Ronnie Brunswijk (left) and Walther Bonjaski (right) in the village of Cottica at the River Lawa. Congressman Bonjaski has transfered from NPS to ABOP in order to “serve his own people”, after being with NPS for two government terms. ABOP – a party for and by Maroons – is partner in the so-called A-Combination, a political front comprised of three Maroon parties.

,,Maroon supporters of the NPS are angry”, says Bonjaski. ,,Almost all representatives of the district of Sipaliwini have turned away from the party. NPS has ignored and neglected the district. For one, NPS never again visited Sipaliwini after winning the 2005 elections. In addition to that, NPS still owes the district of Sipaliwini money from an unpaid bill that includes the cost of renting boats for the transportation of NPS party members during the 2005 election campaign”.

Harold Pedie, District Council for Sipaliwini, recently also shifted his loyalty from NPS to ABOP. He too states that his decision was motivated by his desire to aid in the development of Maroon communities and the unsatisfactory track record of NPS in that area. ,,The only way to achieve the progress we want for our communities, is by doing the job ourselves”, he says.

Both Bonjaski and Pedie have joined ABOP-congressman Ronny Brunswijk on his propaganda campaign along the River Lawa in South Eastern Suriname. The caravan has visited the villages of Benzdorp, Tabiki, Cottica and Cabanavo.

Brunswijk’s slogan for the upcoming elections is ‘Faith in our own abilities’.

So far, his message seems to hit target, as ABOP’s popularity among Maroons is growing. Brunswijk believes his party has the capability to win all ten parliamentary seats for the districts of Marowijne, Brokopondo and Sipaliwini. Currently, these districts are ruled by rival parties NPS and NDP.

Source: de Ware tijd Online


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