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International Maroon Convention in Jamaica from June 20 – 23, 2010

The Charles Town Maroon Council (CTMC) in Jamaica has mandated the Management Planning Coordinating Committee (MPCC) to proceed with planning the Second International Maroon Convention: ‘The Abeng’.

meet me in the circleThe convention is scheduled to take place in Charles Town, Portland, Jamaica, home of the Charles Town Maroons,  from June 20 to 23, 2010.

Over the past three years, the CTMC has been celebrating its Annual Quao’s Day Victory Celebration on June 23.

This event has been well received, with attendance increasing each year and including more overseas visitors.

Globalization and the attendant communication revolution has amplified the need to establish a “Maroon Connection” beyond Jamaica to her Diaspora in the United States, Canada, Europe, other Caribbean islands, and parts of South America, as well as to  her specific ancestral lineages in West Africa.


  • To host a gathering of representatives from Maroon communities worldwide
  • To explore ways of preserving the cultural heritage of Maroons and increasing awareness of Maroon contributions to contemporary societies
  • To develop strategies for sustainable development and wealth creation in Maroon communities
  • To promote heritage tourism, including site development, community tourism, and medical tourism
  • To establish Jamaica as a Gateway Cultural State to the Diaspora


In addition to being a major celebration of Maroons from around the world, the Abeng hopes for the following outcomes:

  • A Maroon Performing Arts Ensemble World Tour: to organize an ensemble of Maroons from different parts of the world that is indicative of our collective cultures
  • Multimedia Recordings: the compilation of Maroon anecdotes, history, practices, and other data to create DVDs, books, photographs, and other material to be used by the cultural and heritage institutes around the world.
  • Periodicals: to establish a Maroon Quarterly that would feature articles from Maroons in different parts of the diaspora.

Additional Outcomes

  • Herbal Medicinal Centre:  a plan for marketing Maroon Herbal Healing methodology  for patients from across the world
  • Maroon Administrative Body: to appoint a competent, dedicated body of people to manage the development affairs (including the protection of intellectual property rights) of Maroons in the Americas.
  • Maroon Curriculum: To organize a committee that will work with educators to correct misconceptions about Maroons perpetuated by most history books and to organize tours as a regular part of schools’ curriculum.


  • Invitations will be issued to Maroon communities worldwide, as well as to institutions and individuals with interest in indigenous heritage issues.
  • Most of the delegates and attendees to the convention are expected to be Maroons, their descendants, and persons interested in Maroon heritage and indigenous culture.
  • A Call for Papers will be issued to academic outlets worldwide.

Participants may include representatives from Maroon communities located in:

Brazil  (called Capoeira)
Belize (Garifunas)
St. Vincent

2 comments on “International Maroon Convention in Jamaica from June 20 – 23, 2010

  1. Millard M. Wright
    March 11, 2010

    Very interested in participating…Grandson of Thomas Wright (Acompong Town/later Elderslie), son of Witcliffe W. Wright (Elderslie)

    • AK
      March 11, 2010

      Hi Millard,

      The event is organized by the Charles Town Maroon Council (CTMC), which is headed by Colonel Frank ‘Buck’ Lumsden, Ken Douglas and Keith Lumsden. Not sure how they can be reached, but perhaps Paul Williams, a journalist at the Gleaner, can help you. He has written various articles on the Maroons and must have some contacts. You can find his email address at the Gleaner website. Good luck!


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