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Suriname Maroon Day 2009 will focus on traditional forms of Maroon authority

To celebrate Suriname Maroon Day 2009, the Dutch National Institute for the study of  Slavery and its Legacy, NiNsee, will have a day long symposium on institutions of Maroon authority in Suriname  in the present and the past.


Maroon captain (right) and two Maroon girls in the 1960's

Key note speaker will be Ray Landveld of the Foundation Saamaka Soni.

In the past, Maroon dignitaries have held exclusive authority over affairs concerning the Suriname interior. Today this is no longer the case. The position of authority figures such as the Granman (Chief), Captain and Basia is currently undergoing extensive changes.

Questions that will be discusses during the symposium are:

* How does traditional Maroon authority manifests itself in Suriname?
* How does the Suriname Maroon community in the Netherlands respond to this?
* Will Surinamese Maroons reject or accept the candidacy of women in authority positions?


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