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Water tabs in Klaaskreek run dry

Inhabitants of the village of Klaaskreek haven’t seen any drinking water running from their tabs in weeks. They have resorted to drinking water from the river, a dangerous practice because of the pollution levels caused by mining operations in Suriname’s interior.

klaaskreekMany villagers assume the problem is the distribution network, which most likely is defective, but the governmental department for Water Supply in Suriname has yet to confirm this. So far, no official statement regarding the cause of the problem has been released.

Village captain Frans Hoop suspects the water tubes have degraded. He also thinks the tubes are simply too narrow. ,,They will be replaced by wider ones”, he says .

The nearby Fire Department and gold mining company Rosebel have made efforts to relieve some of the demand for water, but even their generous supply is not sufficient enough to serve the whole community of Klaaskreek, which counts approximately 1.500 inhabitants.

The problem has become more serious in recent weeks because of the persisting drought, which has caused domestic rain reservoirs to dry up while water levels in the nearby river have also dropped significantly.

source: de Ware Tijd Online


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