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Brokopondo soon to put out its own fires

The national fire department of Suriname has announced it will be setting up a fire station in the district of Brokopondo in the near future. Which town or village will house the facility, is dependent on a soon to be held risk assessment  covering various locations in the district.

Members of the fire department give a demonstration to the people of Klaaskreek during the closing of the annual Tan Faya Fasi-fire prevention-program.

In the upcoming weeks, civilians of Brokopondo will receive training on fire prevention and extinguishing methods. The course program is part of the preparations for the opening of the new fire station, which will be supervised by professionals from the fire department’s headquarter station in Paramaribo, but manned by volunteers from the district.

At this moment, Brokopondo has no mechanical means for putting out fires. Just last month a family in Klaaskreek lost their home to a sea of raging flames. The nearest fire department  – the headquarter office in Paramaribo – is about one hundred kilometers away.

The announcement of the new station was made last week in Klaaskreek, one of the Brokopondo villages, during the closing of this year’s Tan Faya Fasi – an annual program of Suriname’s fire department, which aims to educate adults and children on topics of fire prevention.

Source: de Ware Tijd Online


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