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Suriname to declare October 10 a national holiday

Suriname president Ronald Venetiaan announced today that October 10  will become a national holiday to celebrate and commemorate the signing of the peace treaties with the Ndyuka,  Saramacca and Matawai Maroons in the 18th century.


Excerpt of the original peace treaty between the Saramacca Maroons and the Dutch colonial government in Suriname, 1762. The Ndyuka had already reached a peace agreement with the government in 1760; the Matawai did so in 1767.

The Ndyuka were the first to reach a peace accord with the Dutch colonial government on Friday October 10, 1760. Agreements with the Saramacca and Matawai followed in 1762 and 1767.

In 1974, Maroon organizations in  Suriname decided to instate October 10 as Maroon Day, and subsequently continuously petitioned the Suriname government in their strive to grand Maroon Day national recognition.

Patricia Meulenhof, president of the committee Maroon Day Celebrations, and Leo Atomang, president of the October 10 Foundation, have expressed the desire that the triumphs of Maroons will eventually be regarded as the triumphs of all Afro-Suriname people – Urban as well as Bush Creoles.

October 10, 2010 – the first time Maroon Day will be a national event in Suriname – will mark 250 years after the signing of the first Maroon peace treaty in 1760.

Source: de Ware Tijd Online


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