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Suriname Maroons celebrate October 10, 2009

Maroons in various parts of Suriname and in the Netherlands celebrated Maroon Day on October 10, 2009

In the Netherlands, Maroon Day 2009 was celebrated at Partycentrum Oase in the city of Utrecht Gisteren. Host of the day was Maroon organization SaMON. The speeches held focused largely on cooperation between the Netherlands and Suriname for the benefit of the development of Suriname’s inland communities.

In Paramaribo, a libation ceremony was held, presided by captain Espe Pinas of the Ndyuka village of Sabedumi. The ceremony was also visited by District Secretary Jan Aviankoni and Leo Atomang, president of the October 10 Foundation.

Another libation ceremony was held at October 10 Square in Paramaribo. Various government officials visited the event, including secretaries Celsius Waterberg and Michel Felisi, as well as congressman Caprino Allendy. All three officials placed flower garlands at the foot of the square’s monument. dWT photo/Stefano Tull

Music and theatre during the Maroon Day celebration at Fortress Zeelandia in Paramaribo. dWTfoto/ Stefano Tull

Suriname president Ronald Venetiaan is welcomed to the Paramaribo celebration by secretary Michel Felisi of the Department for Regional Development. dWTphoto/ Stefano Tul

Maroon Day 2009 in the town of Albina, 140 kilometers east of Paramaribo. A Ndyuka woman is pounding cooked plantains to make 'tom-tom' for the celebrations. Albina devoted two days to the event, which took place at the Marimbo Park near the village of Marijke. dWT photo / Hugo den Boer

Source: de Ware Tijd Online


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