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Nieuw Koffiekamp inaugurates medical clinic and teacher residences

The Saramacca population of the village Nieuw Koffiekamp near Lake Brokopondo has celebrated the opening of its first medical clinic (for western medicine) and six teacher residences.

(Photo left: The opening ceremony at one of the teacher homes is conducted by Village Captain Ludwich Wijnerman (right), Rosebel general manager Renaud Adams (left) and Secretary Michel Felisi for Regional Development (center).(dWT photo / Filia Enser)

Both projects are part of the development program of the Suriname government. The bill of US $ 450.000 was picked up by Rosebel Gold Mine, a Canadian company exploiting nature reserves near Nieuw Koffiekamp. The company also awarded 140 school children with school supplies and granted scholarships to two outstanding students who will attend high school in the capital town of Paramaribo, 80 kilometers to the north.

The teacher residences are meant as an incentive for educational professionals. ,,We hope it will make them stay in our region. Our communities needs teachers. We need education”, said  Secretary Michel Felisi of the Department for Regional Development.

Source: de Ware Tijd Online


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