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Earl Witter urges Jamaican Maroons to enter rights charter debate

Source: Paul H. Williams, Gleaner Writer

Photo: Earl Witter

UNDER A makeshift tent, propped up by bamboo, patrons and residents of Moore Town listened intently to Public Defender Earl Witter as he addressed issues relating to the Maroon communities in Jamaica on Monday, October 16.

Witter was the keynote speaker at the Nanny Day celebrations in Moore Town, Portland, on Heroes Day.

No surrender

Standing in front of Nanny’s Monument, Witter paid tribute to the “indomitable will” of the Maroons, a people who did not relinquish their freedom at anytime. “Freedom was maintained by and through battle and without surrender … and it is this freedom that we celebrate today,” he declared.

This utterance was in response to the view in some quarters that the Maroons, by virtue of signing peace treaties, had submitted themselves to the whim and fancy of the British. He said there had been attempts by some historians to “distort the records” to say that the Maroons had surrendered. However, “the Maroons could not be conquered, or be made to submit to the will and dictate of the English invaders or settlers … .”

The onus then is on the shoulders of the Ma-roons to make sure that this notion is vanquished. A rewriting of the history books was implied as the public defender said, “In the months and years ahead, the Maroon communities will have to be entering into important dialogues with the sovereign authority of independent Jamaica”.

As it concerns the December 2008 fatal market truck accident in Portland’s Rio Grande valley, Witter said his office had initiated an investigation into the incident, but no conclusion had yet been drawn; moreover the matter was before the court. As such, no findings are available for announcement at this time….read full article in  Jamaica Gleaner here….


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