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Nanny’s legacy thrives in Moore Town

Source: Paul H. Williams, Gleaner Writer

Alliah Wright, a student at Moore Town Primary and Junior High School, dancing up a storm.

In his recently published book, ‘The Chieftainess – Glimpses of Grandy Nanny’, Colonel Charles Harris, former chief of the Moore Town Maroons, writes, “Death of the chieftainess occurs without mystique as the chieftainess knows when her death is imminent, calls her lieutenants to her residence. Three coffins are interred with but one bearing her remains. They all lie at Bump Grave, the site of the national heroine in Moore Town.”

On Monday, October 19, scores of residents and visitors converged upon that site to honour the memory of the Right Excellent Nanny of the Maroons. Dubbed Nanny Day, it was a time of reflection and recollection, but it also was a time to celebrate her victory over the British, and to remind those who might have forgotten the prominent place that Nanny occupies in the annals of our heritage….Read full article in Jamaica Gleaner here….


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