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Festive opening of Afobakka’s asphalt road

The asphalt hardened Afobakka Road was officially taken into use yesterday with a festive inaugural ceremony that drew the attention of hundreds of people, among whom many supporters of political party BEP, which is run by Maroons.

(Photo left:) Government officials at the inauguration of the Afobakka Road release white doves to symbol the next stage in the governmental development project for the Suriname interior: the asphalting of the bauxite road to Atjonie. (dWTphoto / Isaak Poetisi)

The renovation of the Afobakka Road is part of an ambitious, 250 million US dollar development project of the Suriname government, entailing the asphalting of 500 kilometers of road in Eastern and Central Suriname.

In addition to this, the government also plans to build, renovate and expand a number of medical centers, schools, harbors and around fifty meeting halls for Maroon authorities (‘krutu oso’s’) in the country’s interior.

The idea is to stimulate economic growth and self-sufficiency in an area that has long been overlooked by investors (other than mining corporations).

An asphalted road stretching from the Suriname coastal area down to the Brazilian border, one that will ease and increase Brazilian traffic to and from Suriname, is also among the plans.

Source: de Ware Tijd Online

(Photo left:) The former Afobakka Road, (in)famous for its dusty bauxite layering.


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