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Secretary Felisi criticizes Maroon village management

Suriname’s Secretary for Regional Development, Michel Felisi, has expressed discontent in regards to the management of Maroon villages in the country’s interior. His main critique is that the village heads, who go by the official title of ‘captains’, are slacking on their responsibilities.

(Photo left: Some dignitaries had a hard time staying awake during Michel Felisi’s critical speech. dWT Photo)

But Felisi also said that some captains are stealing public money. There are captains, he told, who privately retain funds that are generated from the exploitation of communal grounds. This practice thrives on the current bureacracy, by which lumber jacking permits are assigned in the names of  village heads.

Said Felisi: “Although the captain’s name is on a permit, the permit also explicitly states that the profits from the lumber jacking belong to the entire village, not the captain. Some village captains keep the money for themselves, which is wrong.”

Michel Felisi made his theft accusations in general, not mentioning any names.

Source: de Ware Tijd Online


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