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Kwinti Maroons argue over village name: Bitagron or Witagron

Members of the Kwinti Maroon nation have entered into a debate over the name of ‘Witagron’. Witagron is an important village; it is where Paramount Chief Andre Mathias keeps his residency. Criticizers argue that the name Witagron is not historically correct and that it should, instead, be ‘Bitagron’, thus carrying forward the commemoration of its first settler, ‘Tata Bita’.

Although old government records refer to the village as ‘Bitagron’,  the previous generation of villagers changed its name into ‘Witagron’ somewhat forty years ago, to escape the bad luck which is implicated in the word ‘bita’ (‘bitter’). ‘Wita’ stands for ‘our father’, which  creates ‘land of our father’ in combination with the word ‘gron’. Most of the Kwintis wanting to change ‘Witagron’ back into ‘Bitagron’ belong to younger generations, many of them united in the Maroon youth organization Alaamu.

Source: de Ware Tijd Online



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