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State Bus Service now connects Witagron to Paramaribo

The State Bus Service of Suriname has included the Kwinti village of Witagron in its route schedule. The decision to make bus transportation across the 100 mile distance from Witagron to Paramaribo accessible to the 250 villagers has come as the result of intense lobbying by Melvin Clemens, president of the Maroon youth organization Alaamu.

Head captain Henk Souvenir and Alaamu president Melvin Clemens congratulate each other on achieving the bus service, which benefits not only Kwinti Maroons from Witagron but also Amerindian villagers from nearby Tibiti and Alphonsdorp. (dWT photo/ Isaak Poetisi)

The new bus service has been welcomed with much enthusiasm from the villagers, including village officials. ,,My mother has not been in Paramaribo in 15 years”, said head captain Henk Souvenir in his speech during the inaugural celebration. ,,Now, finally, she can.”

The bus ride from Paramaribo to Witagron takes about 4,5 hours.


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