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Jamaican chief signals return to traditional customs

Ferron Williams

Story by  Sheena Gayle, Gleaner Writer

Colonel of the Accompong Maroons, Ferron Williams, has said there will be no more downtown market layout for future Accompong celebrations, as the practice is taking away from the authenticity of the festivities, and community-tourism thrust Maroons are pushing for.

“People do not come here to buy clothes or shoes. They come to Accompong on January 6, to journey through our history and customs,” Colonel Williams told The Gleaner in an interview during the 272nd annual Accompong Maroon Celebrations in Accompong Town, St Elizabeth, on January 6.

“Moving forward, we will not be having anything of this sort (market layout). I have to admit that this year there were those things on the road, but in 2011 that will not continue. What we want to have is the sale of items that are indigenous to our roots,” he insisted.

Community’s history

A walk along the main road in Accompong town, on the most important day in the community’s history, showcased several vendors and pedlars parading clothes, shoes, synthetic hair and accessories – something that has irked the Maroon chief.

Nevertheless, the 2010 celebrations saw marked improvement in terms of the flow of activities throughout the day and during the night. As usual, persons from England, Canada, the United States and even Kenya attended the major calendar event in St Elizabeth…..

Photo: Ferron Williams colonel of the Accompong Maroons in St Elizabeth decked out in his custom attire during the 272nd Accompong Maroon Celeb-rations in St Elizabeth. (photo by Sheena Gayle)

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2 comments on “Jamaican chief signals return to traditional customs

  1. AK
    February 6, 2010


    I also agree.
    I’ve never been to Accompong myself (not yet, at least – maybe next year), but the whole idea of miscellaneous knickknacks within such an important historical setting seems wrong.

  2. Clinton
    February 6, 2010

    I strongly agree with Colonel Ferron Williams Decision to discourage the flea market type atmosphere that exist during the Annual Accompong Celebrations.

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