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Main road to Santigron being asphalted

The government of Suriname has started asphalting the 60 kilometers of main road between the northern capital of Paramaribo and the southern Maroon village of Santigron, which will cut down travel time to and from these destinations from one or several hours (depending weather and road conditions) to a mere half hour by motorized vehicle.

In the near future the roads between Santigron and neighboring villages Bigi Poika and Haarlem will also be hardened. The improved conditions are expected to positively impact trade, education and health care service  in all three villages.

Government officials at the launch of the asphalting project: President Ronald Venetiaan, District Councillor Ramdjes Soekarnsing and the Secretary of Public Works, Ganeshkoemar Kandhai

Source: De Ware Tijd Online


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