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Lebi Doti says ‘no’ to artisanal gold miners

Inhabitants of the village Lebi Doti near the hydraulic lake Brokopondo have been preventing artisanal gold miners from entering the gold mine at the Sara Creek. The actions started last week. The protesters are setting out on the river to meet boat travelers carrying gold mining equipment and order them to turn back, exclusively allowing passage through to travelers without cargo. Their argument is that the gold mining causes mercury pollution to the river that flows by their village.

Artisanal miners at work (photo dWT)

In turn, gold miners have entered  complaints with the local police, counter-arguing that their waste residue flows in another direction and can therefor not be harmful to Lebi Doti. They also state that the actions of the villagers are depriving them of much needed income.

The Brokopondo police department has sent out troops to urge the villagers to cease their protest, pending further instructions from Paramaribo headquarters.

Source: De Ware Tijd Online


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