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Moiwana victims want execution of verdict to be completed by May 25 elections

Information source: De Ware Tijd

Surviving members of the Moiwana massacre have urged secretary Chandrikapersad Santokhi of Justice and Police to make haste with the completion of the verdict that was proclaimed in 2005 by the International Court for Human Rights. They want an investigation into the Moiwana incident and a trial of the perpetrators. They also want to be granted formal territorial rights of Moiwana. Furthermore, they demand guarantees for their personal safety and to be given back the remains of the murdered people.

Spokesperson Andre Ajintoena has issued a public reminder to Suriname president Ronald Venetiaan, whom Ajintoena said promised the victims that the verdict would be fully executed by the end of his presidential term. Ajintoena has expressed concern over the upcoming elections. He says the Moiwana community fears termination of the execution process should the NDP party win the elections. The NDP is led by Desi Bouterse, the former military ruler who controlled the Suriname government in 1986, when soldiers stormed Moiwana  in a killing spree.

The Moiwana monument (dWTphoto/Hugo den Boer)


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