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Brunswijk and Bouterse shake hands on governing Suriname together

Information source: De Ware Tijd

Ronny Brunswijk and Desi Bouterse today agreed on governing Suriname together. Brunswijk signed the deal on behalf of the Maroon coalition party A-Combination (AC). Bouterse acted on behalf of the Mega Combination, also a political coalition, of which his party NDP is a member. Bouterse’s Mega Combination ruled the elections of May 25, raking in 45 percent of the available seats in parliament. Since the party did not gain a majority, the next government of Suriname will be a coalition of parties.

Today’s agreement has garnered international media attention, due to Brunswijk’s and Bouterse’s history as enemies in the civil war of the 1980’s, Bouterse’s alleged involvement in the massacre of 15 political dissidents, and both Bouterse’s and Brunswijk’s involvement in drug trafficking.

Bouterse today said that ‘it should be an example to Suriname and the rest of the world that people who once fought one another, now work together’.

Photo: (left to right, 1st row) Caprino Alendy (AC / BEP), Ronnie Brunswijk (AC /Abop) and Desi Bouterse (MegaCombination / NDP) ; (left to right, 2nd row) Paul Abena (AC / Seeka), John Nasibdar (Nieuw Suriname), Willy Soemita (KTPI) and Jim Hok (PALU). (Photo by DeWareTijd)


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