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Kabiten André Pakosie of Ndyuka Maroons in the Netherlands denounces AC/MC agreement

Suriname's presidential candidate Desi Bouterse toasting with Maroon politicians Ronny Brunswijk and Caprino Alendy of the AC party, yesterday at the Best Western Hotel, shortly after signing the agreement (dWTphoto / Claudio Barker)

André Pakosie, the kabiten (highest authority) of the Ndyuka Maroons in the Netherlands, has expressed concern over the governing agreement between the A-Combination (AC) and the MegaCombination (MC).

Among others, Pakosie states that the leaders of the AC are disregarding the emotions of Maroons who fell victim to MC’s party leader Desi Bouterse during the 1980’s.

The agreement will allow the AC, a Maroon party coalition, to actively participate in Suriname’s new coalition government. However, Pakosie is of the opinion that ‘not one single interest of the Maroons or of any other people in the interior is served by the agreement, even though the Maroon politicians claim the contrary’.

“It is very sad that Maroon politicians in the AC are now eager to collaborate with Bouterse”, Pakosie says. “That these Maroon politicians are able to cast aside their self-respect, as well as all ethical norms and human values, merely to be at the center of political power, creates the strong impression that they are acting primarily out if self-interest and less out of public interest.”

The Ndyuka kabiten also says that he finds it ‘appalling’ that it should be, ‘of all people’, representatives of the AC, a political party combination of Maroon communities, who are now ushering Bouterse into the presidential seat.

“One could wonder whether or not these AC politicians are bothered with the sentiments of the surviving families of those who were killed during the Bouterse regime in the 1980’s. Or the sentiments of any other Maroon who suffered during Bouterse’s reign. Do the people who voted for the AC not see this as treason?”

He continues: “I sincerely hope that I will be proven wrong, but I take a grave view of the future of Suriname, in particular as it pertains to the communities of the interior. The country is heading for very rough times. And there will be no development in the interior, only stagnation. And the AC will be an accomplice to all of this.”


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