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Maroon chiefs convene over Newmont deal

Source: De Ware Tijd,  Isaak Poetisi

Maroon authorities in Suriname are opposed to an agreement the government of Suriname intends to sign with American gold mining company Newmont. The Americans want to start digging for gold in Suriname under a locally erected company called Surgold. Another American company, Suralco, which has been exploiting bauxite in Suriname for decades, also has shares in Surgold.

President Hendrik Babel of the organization Apinsa

This week, on Wednesday 16th of February, some 30 Maroon dignitaries are to convene about the agreement between the government and the Americans.

They aim to formulate a formal demand for the cancellation of the agreement. This demand will be issued to the government.

The Wednesday meeting will be held privately at Langatabiki. The following day, on Thursday 17th of February, the authorities will announce their formal statement to the public. In addition to this, the public will be invited to ask questions and partake in discussions.

The two day conference takes place at the initiative of chief Samuel Forster of the Paramacca Nation. It is organized by a chieftain’s commission and Apinsa, an organization that promotes solidarity among Maroon nations.

The dates for the conference have been chosen so as to precede a national meetingon the regional planning of the gold sector in Suriname. This national meeting, organized by the government, is to take place on Friday the 18th and Saturday 19th of February.


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