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3rd International Maroon Conference in Jamaica

The 3rd International Maroon Conference, “The Return,” will take place in Charles Town, Portland, Jamaica, on June 22-25 2011. The deadline for abstracts is March 30, 2011.

The convention seeks papers and panels that explore representations of Maroon culture in history, literature, art, music, political theory, cultural studies, film, linguistics, and theatre. With its theme “The Return,” it seeks to revisit the roots of Maroon values and practices, considering the ways they have endured, transformed and resonated in the Caribbean, Canada, South America, Europe, the United States, and Africa. Offering a unique combination of scholarly panels and cultural events, the third international Maroon conference aims to increase awareness of Maroon contributions to contemporary societies, bringing together descendants of Maroons with scholars interested in Maroon heritage and indigenous cultures.

The conference cultural events and entertainment will commemorate the Annual Quao Victory Day (June 23 2011), and they are part of a larger effort to develop strategies for sustainable development and wealth creation in Maroon communities.

Please send abstracts (by March 30 2011) or inquiries to Frances Botkin at fbotkin@towson.edu

For original call for papers, see the Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania

2 comments on “3rd International Maroon Conference in Jamaica

  1. William Fullington
    March 14, 2011

    I am looking for info and/or a coloured photograph of the uniform of the Maroons in Canada in 1796.

    Friends who have gone home for vacation do not have time for these matters.

    I am also looking for a description of the uniforms worn by the West India Regiment

    • AK
      March 14, 2011

      Hi William,

      Perhaps you can find what you’re looking for through these channels:
      1-Mr Horane Smith, who has just written an historical novel about the Maroons who landed in Canada in 1796. You will find his contact info on his website: http://www.horanesmith.com/
      2-The association for Ex WIR. See http://www.westindiaregiment.org/history.html

      Good luck!

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