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Suriname celebrates first National Maroon Day

Suriname marked its first national Maroon holiday yesterday, October 10 2011. Celebrations were held in Santigron, a multi-tribe village about an hour driving south from the capitol city of Paramaribo. Maroon Day has existed in Suriname for almost four decades. But it was never a national holiday. Until this year.

maroon day 2011

A woman carries a copper pot filled with maroon cloths on her head as she participates in the Prodo Waka (Flamboyance Parade) in Santigron during the Maroon Day celebrations. (Photo dWT by Stefano Tull)

Two elaborate reports on the Santigron celebrations are available at the website DevSur:

1) http://www.devsur.com/suriname%e2%80%99s-marks-first-national-maroon-day/2011/10/10/

2) http://www.devsur.com/maroon-day-monday-to-bring-santigron-to-life/2011/10/09/

Photographer Ertugrul Kilic has also made some exceptional photos of the Suriname celebrations. They’re a must see.

Go to http://www.ertugrulkilic.com/blog/maroon-day-2011-paramaribo-suriname

Celebrations in the Netherlands were less extravagant, but nevertheless well-attended and meaningful. They were held in Trefpunt Oase in Utrecht. Invited speakers such as kabiten Kensley Vrede and kabiten Andre Pakosie addressed the public. Their messages emphasized the meaning of unity, the transference of knowledge, and making people conscious of Maroon heritage.


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