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Maroon museum in Suriname now officially open

A year after its soft opening (see previous post), the Maroon museum in Suriname – Marronmuseum Saamaka Kondee –  is now fully operational. The grand opening takes place this weekend, with activitiets that spread from Friday Octber 14 through Sunday October 16. Attendees are treated to a varied program that included storytelling, dancing, a camp fire, a cultural market, sports and a showing of the film ‘Pikin Slee, een dorp in ontwikkeling’ (Dutch, literally meaning: ‘Pikin Slee, a village in development’).

The museum is dedicated to the cultural heritage of de Saamaka Maroon community. Through art expositions, demonstrations and workshops visitors are educated on the Maroon experience. “It is a place where the past comes to life and the future is awarded space”, says the organization behind the museum on its website, clarifying that Maroon culture is still expanding.

The museum is located at about seven hours travelling from Paramaribo, Suriname’s capital. It is surrounded by jungle and only accessible by boat.

For a special report on the museum, go to DevSur.

More details on the museum can be found at its website, or at the website of its founder, Totomboti (both websites are in Dutch)

To contact a representative of the museum, email either of the following people:

Berry Vrede / email: berryvrede35@hotmail.com

R.S. Liew / email: info@totomboti.nl

Humphrey Schmidt / email: h.r.schmidt@home.nl

Bia Maas email: biamaas@planet.nl

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