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Fans line up to become an extra in Maroon fictional series Dread & Alive

Dread and Alive characters

Meet the regular cast of Dread and Alive. To learn more about these characters, visit the website of the series

A casting call by Nicholas Da Silva, author of the famed Dread & Alive series, has generated over 500 responses from fans hoping to see themselves featured as an extra in one of the new editions of the series.

Two weeks ago, the author called on his fans to ‘audition’ for a background role by filling out a form through his website, along with sending him a personal photograph. Space is limited, Da Silva said, but those selected will see a cartoon version of themselves appearing next to the likes of Drew McIntosh, the dreadlocked Maroon teenager whose adventures are chronicled in the Dread & Alive series.

Da Silva is ‘feelin IRIE’ with the response to his call. Says he, “I am blown away by the overwhelming response and the number of new fans to the series. My Facebook fanpage for Dread & Alive has grown in the last two weeks by 25,000+ new fans, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down.”

Dread & Alive is a multimedia series spanning comics, novels, graphic novels, and music. Often lauded in the press as being the first fictional series with a Jamaican superhero, Dread & Alive tells the story of a Jamaican youth, Drew McIntosh, who is empowered with a sacred Maroon amulet that helps him battle dark forces in the Jamaican forest.

First published in 1997 as an original short story and inspired by the music of reggae legends like the honorable Bob Marley, Da Silva’s unique creation blurs the line between comics and music, offering an original storyline that meshes cultural fact with fiction accompanied by the conscious sounds of today’s reggae music. Each comic book issue comes with a music compilation, which acts as a soundtrack which is meant to accompany the reading of the book. To this date, five CD soundtracks have been released under the label Dread & Alive: The Lost Tapes. Future soundtrack releases will be published through Da Silva’s own design studio, ZOOLOOK.

For more information, visit the Dread & Alive website, or its accompanying Facebook page.

Coming soon to Abeng Central: an interview with Nicholas Da Silva on the creation of Dread & Alive.


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