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Interview with Nicholas Da Silva, creator of Maroon fiction series Dread & Alive

Nicholas Da SilvaNicholas Da Silva is a graphic designer best known around the world for his creation of the Dread & Alive series, a multimedia saga that meshes fantasy with Maroon history.

An American by nationality, Da Silva is of Brazilian, African, Indian and Dutch ancestry, while as a child he moved across the world due to his father’s engineering profession. Yet, his interest is with Jamaica. Inspired by the rich heritage of Jamaica’s former freedom fighters, Da Silva created a story line that, over time, came to include not only books, but also music CD’s, T-shirts, even skateboards, and more.

As the Dread & Alive phenomenon is evolving to new heights, with the release of a special comic book celebrating Jamaica’s 50th year of independence and its official endorsement by the Jamaican government, so is its readership. In the past two months alone, over 75.000 new fans confirmed their devotion to Drew MacIntosh, the main character in Dread & Alive, by liking Dread & Alive’s Facebook page, many of them hoping to one day see their own image appear as an extra in the series.

With so much ado about this unique series, it is high time for a conversation with the man who started it all.

Meet Nicholas Da Silva – graphic designer, flash media developer, illustrator, author, filmmaker, publisher, musician, producer and Maroon aficionado.

Read interview here

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