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Call for papers: the 5th Charles Town International Maroon Conference

Asafu Yard in Charles Town, Portland

The Fifth Charles Town International Maroon Conference is scheduled to take place in Portland, Jamaica, from 20 to 23 June, 2013. The theme for this year’s conference is “Maroon Lands, Laws, and Cultures”.

In preparation of the event, the organization invites papers that explore the relationships between place and tradition in Maroon communities throughout the Atlantic world. Issues to consider might include: Land rights, Territoriality, Representation, Identity, Space/Place, Sustainability, Ownership, Dispossession and landlessness, Cultural heritage, Cultural heritage economics, Tourism, Research, industry, and information technology initiatives, Laws and legality, and Education.

Held in the Maroon community of Charles Town surrounded by Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, this interdisciplinary conference explores Maroon issues, values, and practices to consider the ways they have endured, transformed, and resonated in the Caribbean, Canada, South America, Europe, the United States and Africa. The conference offers a unique combination of scholarly panels and cultural events, aiming to increase awareness of Maroon contributions to contemporary societies by bringing together descendents of Maroons with scholars interested in Maroon heritage and indigenous cultures. As in previous years, the conference cultural events and entertainment will commemorate Quao Victory Day (June 23).

Abstracts due September 30, 2012

Send abstracts or inquiries to: Dr. Francis Botkin, fbotkin[at]towson[dot]edu

See also: the conference’s Facebook page

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