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Videos and links to other Resources

VIDEO PLAY LIST (scroll down to see more)

Akwantu, the Journey (official trailer for this documentary)

An introduction to the Scott’s Hall Maroons of Jamaica

Story on Wanze Eduards and S. Hugo Jabini (Suriname Maroons and winners of the 2009 Goldman Prize), who secured land rights for Maroons and Indigenous people in the Americas

CNN story on Palenque, a Maroon community in Colombia

Documentary on Palenque, Colombian maroons (Excerpt, 5 minutes)

Documentary on Palenque, Colombian maroons (Full length, 59 minutes)

‘Quilombo Country’ – trailer for documentary on Brazilian maroons by Leonard Abrams

Quilombo – movie about Brazilian maroons

The Kromanti Language of the Jamaican Maroons

Video of annual Accompong Maroons Celebration in Jamaica, 2007

Short video by National Geographic on Jamaican Maroons

Ndyuka Music serving as the soundtrack for a video on Suriname Maroons, by ethnomusicologist Verna Gillis

Stage performance of Suriname Maroons at the United Nations in New York, 2007

Video of Suriname Maroons in 1933, by Global Image Works

Video of Suriname Maroons and Indians on the River Maroni (Marowijne) in 1930 (requires Windows Media Player)

Video on Suriname Maroons by Journeyman Pictures: ‘Defending the Secret Slave State’

Television interview with film maker Haile Gerima


Stichting Saamaka Soni (recommended)

Maroon Museum Saamaka

André Mosis – Kingbotho

Stichting Cottica




Ma Ye Du Suriname (Eco Tourist Destination)

Cockpit Country Jamaica (Eco Tourist Destination)


Charles Town Maroons


Annual Carriacao Maroon and String Band Music Festival


Maroon Connections

The work of anthropologists Richard and Sally Price

Maroon Heritage Research Project

Website of cultural anthropologist Marieke Heemskerk

Suriname Maroon Arts & Crafts: collection at Tropen Museum in Holland

JohnHorse.com (on Black Seminoles)

Interpreting the Gullah/Geechee Heritage in the 21st Century

Article on Black Seminoles

Another article on Black Seminoles

Smithsonian Exhibition on Maroons

The Caribbean Unseen

Paper on Maroons of Jamaica

Music of Maroons in the Americas, by Smithsonian Institute

Slave Resistance – a student study by the History Department of the University of Miami)

Website of anthropologists Richard and Sally Price

Official website for the film ‘Quilombo Country’ by Leonard Abrams, on Brazilian Maroons

Wikipedia on ethnic groups in Suriname

Official website for Peace Corps Suriname

Scott and Kerry Knudson Galson’s website for their Peace Corps volunteer service in Suriname

Slave resistance in Suriname: To Rise or Not to Rise

Black Seminoles – the Gullah: a website by Joseph A. Opala

Facebook Group: The Black Seminole Nation


Online dictionary English – Saamaka (Suriname Maroon language)

Tutorial for Saamaka language (in English)

Tutorial for Saamaka language (in Dutch)


* The Maroons of Suriname, by André R.M. Pakosie (pdf, 12 pages)

* The Boni Maroon Wars in Suriname, by Prof. Dr. Wim Hoogbergen (out of print, look for it at libraries – N.B.: the original Dutch-languaged dissertation by Hoogbergen has been reprinted by Vaco Publishers in Suriname in 2009)

* Maroon ethnicity and identity in Ecuador, Colombia en Hispaniola – by Jane G. Landers (pdf, 10 pages)

* The Maroons of Suriname, by Thomas Wentworth Higginson (pdf, 8 pages)

* The Maroons of Jamaica, by Thomas Wentworth Higginson (pdf, 8 pages)